LouieVille Horizons (Block-8)

LouieVille Horizons

After completion of the first LouieVille, our clients spoke loud and clear. They wanted more! We endeavored to satisfy them with a new project in keeping with the theme established by LouieVille. Secured by an enclosed estate boundary with 24-hour guard service, electric fencing, and access control equipment, the 72 well-appointed Apartments and 128 spacious Townhouses were offered as havens to the busy professionals of Gaborone. Convenience was established by locating the estate in the up-and-coming Airport Junction area. Comfort was provided by revising the floor plans for efficiency, expanding the gardens, increasing the size of the clubhouse and pool, and modernizing the look and feel of the estate. The Community was soon built as returning clients flocked to purchase the new residences. The modern look of LouieVille Horizons promises to become just as much the landmark as LouieVille was before it.

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