LouieVille Gabs North

In seeking to provide for the varied wishes of our clients, we realized that not every taste is satisfied by living in a close community. Some like to have a bit of extra room to spread out. In an effort to please those customers, the LouieVille Team introduces LouieVille Gabz North. Consisting of 105 individual luxury villas built on a 10 acre free-hold property, the estate hopes to delight those with a more expansive taste. A range of house sizes from 130 m2 to 275 m2, and plot sizes from 500 m2 and up provide opportunities for clients of every taste and budget. The traditional LouieVille appointments are, of course, part of the appeal: Gated security boundary, 24-hour guard, electric fencing, central Clubhouse and pool facilities, and a Community feel with a bit of extra privacy.

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